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About Our Department

The Town of Appalachia, Virginia was first incorporated on March 1st, 1906 and with the town's incorporation the police department was also created.  The Town of Appalachia and our Department have had a proud history.  Through the hard times and good times, our town and our department have prevailed.  We were born through coal, and we survive through spirit.
The Appalachia Police Department is a seven officer force complimented with an Auxiliary Police Force of up to five auxiliary officers.  The head of our Department is the Captain who serves as the Acting Chief of Police.  Each of the officers employed by our Department are certified law enforcement officers through the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services; each officer must complete in-service training after initial certification for a minimum of 40 hours of in-service to be completed every two years from the initial certification date.
Our Department strives to keep the most up-to-date technology available for us to better serve our community.   Our Department typically conducts its own investigations into crimes which are committed within the town.  One of the seven officers is designated as the Investigator by the Captain.

Our Department maintains a fleet of patrol cars which consist of two-Black 2009 Dodge Chargers, one-Blue 2003 Ford Crown Victoria, one-Tan 2002 Chevrolet Impala, one-Gray 2006 Chevrolet Impala, and one-Silver 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee.  We will soon be adding one-Black 2012 Dodge Charger which we hope to have in service by April 2012.

We are strongly based in the prinicples of Community Oriented Policing.  Our Department is always welcome to suggestions, comments, and questions from the public.  Any citizen with a concern about crimes in the town or the operation of the police department is encouraged to call or come by to speak with the Captain or 1st Lieutenant.
Our Mission Statement is:

The mission of the Appalachia Police Department is to protect the public from crime by waging an unceasing war against crime in all its forms; to provide the public with a feeling of safety and security; to provide the public with an effective, ethical, and moral police force; and to provide quality services to the public.

Furthermore, the Appalachia Police Department is dedicated to providing excellent service through partnerships that build trust, reduce crime, create a safe environment, and enhance the quality of life in our community. We are committed to these principles of PRIDE:

·   Pride
        We are committed to conducting ourselves in a manner that brings 
        honor to ourselves, the department, town, county, state, and country.

·   Respect
        We are committed to respecting the individual rights, human dignity 
        and the value of all members of the community and the department.

·   Integrity
        We are committed to nurturing the public trust by holding ourselves accountable 
        to the highest standards of professional conduct and ethics.

·   Dedication
        We are committed to providing the highest quality of law enforcement service 
        to the community with the goal of enhancing the quality of life within the Town of Appalachia, Virginia.

·   Excellence
        We are committed to achieving a level of performance that exceeds all expectations.

We do all things with PRIDE.